The Texas International Pageant System is the premier pageant system for empowering women from Teen to Miss to Mrs. in the state of Texas. The system is part of the International Pageant Organization, and Texas winners go on to compete for the titles of Miss Teen International, Miss International and Mrs. International in Jacksonville, FL, in the summer. Texas International and the International Pageant System are platform-based systems that set themselves apart by encouraging ladies to elevate their lives and be the best version of themselves they can be. A majority of contestants’ scores are based on interview, and there is no talent or swimsuit competitions — rather, ladies compete in fitness wear to show their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.¬† The International Pageant Organization and Texas International promote the Go Red for Women movement from the American Heart Association, and all contestants are encouraged to promote the tenets of the program, which include staying educated about your health and taking care of yourself – mind, body and spirit.

Applications are now being accepted for Mrs. Texas International 2016, Miss Texas International 2016 and Miss Teen Texas International 2016, to be held at the Granville Arts Center in Dallas, TX, in the spring of 2016. For more information on how to become a local titleholder and begin making a difference, ladies should visit www.mrstexasinternational.com, www.misstexasinternational.com, or www.missteentexasinternational.com. For more information about the Miss Teen Texas International, Miss Texas International, or Mrs. Texas International pageant, please contact Executive Director Rachel Hedstrom at texasinternationalpageant@gmail.com.


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